The Table of Grace

The table of grace

Has been laid

The banquet is ready

The meat is prepared

The wine is mixed

It is finished

The Lamb was slain, the Roasted Lamb

Your supply to furnish

Your need to supply

Wisdom is endowed

To those who seek her

To those who hear her

To those who embrace her
She hands out her way of long life,

riches, honour, pleasure and peace.

The good pleasure and the will of

The Father for us to receive and to understand
The glory of God to conceal

And the glory of kings to search out a matter
Trust today you will receive

The abundant supply

with your name on it
It ever flows, it never slows

Always on time

Waiting in line.

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“Strength for today, bright hope for tomorrow.” Thomas Obediah Chisholm.

We can face tomorrow because Christ has risen!

He promises He is with you always in whatever you face. In your day-to-day, the here and now.

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Living under Grace: Why YOU can be Blessed in spite of Failure and Weakness

Blessed In Spite Of Not Having It Together
This post  contains  Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you.  I wholeheartedly recommend resources that I  personally use and love.

 You are Blessed because of HIS goodness and Faithfulness to You

7 March 2018.

Morning time with Jesus inspired me with another exquisite picture of what living under grace looks like. It totally blessed me out of my socks that I had to write about this.

The richness and depths of our Father’s heart surpasses what we think it is.

It brought a whole new light to my soul. Fresh revelation of His word is something we all yearn for and can’t do without. He satisfies us with His grace in the morning.

The experience of the Emmaus road (Emmaus means ‘hot baths’) leaves us refreshed and burning in our hearts.

Christ our daily bread fuels us for the day, satisfies our souls, keeps us from temptations and keeps us focused and on track.

I’d like to capture a golden moment of what my son said one day, “The Bible never gets boring, even if you read the same page again.”

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What I Learnt whilst Setting Up My Website and 5 Essentials Things to Know Before Creating Content

Website under construction
This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only advocate for highly effective services and products that I have used and can vouch for. 

Obstacles Push Us Further and Farther into Our Destiny

This might sound paradoxical but I am glad that I had some hick-ups with setting up my website that I could not go ‘live’- with it for a while and had it in ‘coming soon mode’.

Fast forward, I didn’t think I’d perceive it this way though, but a shift has taken place.

I felt frustrated and awkward as I had definitely not setup a website before, and did not think it would have been that complicated.

BUT, am I glad for the Voice of Grace through it all, of strength being made perfect in weakness! His strong presence while wading through uncharted waters. Learning as I stumble in the world of the digital. Timely help came by when I needed it!

If you are struggling with setting up your website right now, I hope my salient  bare bones will get you unstuck and propel you forward just that little bit more, if not much. Though I sincerely hope this will seriously get you going into your meat and potatoes!

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Getting to the Root of Peace

Why we can have true peace and keep it.

The One Quickest Way to Get to the Root of Peace

Someone paid for your peace judicially. Believe it. Receive it. Keep it.

What is my basis for saying this, you may ask. Well, let’s get to the root of the peace we all yearn for!

Why it is essential to know that peace is yours for the keeping?

The word ‘peace’ is derived from the Old French ‘pais’ through the Latin ‘pax’ whereas in the Greek language, peace is ‘eirene’.

Peace can mean liberty from disturbing occurrences, freedom from war, a state of calmness, tranquility or even an amicable agreement.

In a sense, peace is a state of well-being and being one in piece, being whole.  Not being in one piece or not being held together would mean a lack of peace  because peace is not to be dictated by our circumstances.

‘Hold your peace’ means being silent and not saying what you intended about something, as in holding your tongue or getting a hold of yourself. So where is this leading to?

The Root of ‘PEACE’

Further research into the Hebrew word, ‘shalom’ shows that the root word is ‘shelem’ – to pay for/ peace offering or ‘shulam’ – to be fully paid.

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Website Creation and WordPress Tips

This post may contain some affiliate links at no extra cost to you.  I wholeheartedly recommend products and services that I have personally used and proven highly effective.

Are you looking to start a new website but not quite sure how to go about the technical aspects of it?


Perhaps you have embarked on building a website but facing difficulties and feeling all thumbs with it? Or maybe learning up on website hosting and WordPress and looking for step-by-step guidance?

I highly recommend Grayson Bell with no hesitation whatsoever. Grayson Bell is CEO and founder of iMark Interactive.

Grayson patiently assisted me with my website and with hosting issues I faced.  He is at hand to promptly support any difficulties or challenges.  We are bound to face these as we navigate the building and maintenance of websites and blogs. There are a host of top tips brimming from his blog articles.  Grayson also supports those interested to learn how to do it themselves.

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