What I Learnt whilst Setting Up My Website and 5 Essentials Things to Know Before Creating Content

Website under construction
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Obstacles Push Us Further and Farther into Our Destiny

This might sound paradoxical but I am glad that I had some hick-ups with setting up my website that I could not go ‘live’- with it for a while and had it in ‘coming soon mode’.

Fast forward, I didn’t think I’d perceive it this way though, but a shift has taken place.

I felt frustrated and awkward as I had definitely not setup a website before, and did not think it would have been that complicated.

BUT, am I glad for the Voice of Grace through it all, of strength being made perfect in weakness! His strong presence while wading through uncharted waters. Learning as I stumble in the world of the digital. Timely help came by when I needed it!

If you are struggling with setting up your website right now, I hope my salient  bare bones will get you unstuck and propel you forward just that little bit more, if not much. Though I sincerely hope this will seriously get you going into your meat and potatoes!

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Website Creation and WordPress Tips

This post may contain some affiliate links at no extra cost to you.  I wholeheartedly recommend products and services that I have personally used and proven highly effective.

Are you looking to start a new website but not quite sure how to go about the technical aspects of it?


Perhaps you have embarked on building a website but facing difficulties and feeling all thumbs with it? Or maybe learning up on website hosting and WordPress and looking for step-by-step guidance?

I highly recommend Grayson Bell with no hesitation whatsoever. Grayson Bell is CEO and founder of iMark Interactive.

Grayson patiently assisted me with my website and with hosting issues I faced.  He is at hand to promptly support any difficulties or challenges.  We are bound to face these as we navigate the building and maintenance of websites and blogs. There are a host of top tips brimming from his blog articles.  Grayson also supports those interested to learn how to do it themselves.

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