What I Learnt whilst Setting Up My Website and 5 Essentials Things to Know Before Creating Content

What I Learnt whilst Setting Up My Website and 5 Essentials Things to Know Before Creating Content

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Obstacles Push Us Further and Farther into Our Destiny

This might sound paradoxical but I am glad that I had some hick-ups with setting up my website that I could not go ‘live’- with it for a while and had it in ‘coming soon mode’.

Fast forward, I didn’t think I’d perceive it this way though, but a shift has taken place.

I felt frustrated and awkward as I had definitely not setup a website before, and did not think it would have been that complicated.

BUT, am I glad for the Voice of Grace through it all, of strength being made perfect in weakness! His strong presence while wading through uncharted waters. Learning as I stumble in the world of the digital. Timely help came by when I needed it!

If you are struggling with setting up your website right now, I hope my salient  bare bones will get you unstuck and propel you forward just that little bit more, if not much. Though I sincerely hope this will seriously get you going into your meat and potatoes!

ALL things do work together work the good! It does ring true time and again. The difficulty, discomfort, change, and obstacles we face, only push us further into our destiny. The giants and mountains become bread for food.

BUT wouldn’t it be great to view it that way whilst we’re right smack in it?

It was no coincidence when I came across Joel Osteen speaking on ‘Pushed into Your Purpose’  recently.

5 Simple Things Every Brand-New Blogger or Website Owner Needs to Know – Once domain and Hosting Account Has Been Secured

(Enough to get you going in the right direction, whilst you digest all that new swirling info in your head.)

  • Have your domain registration and website host with separate providers, for various security reasons. You don’t necessarily need your domain name registered with your host. They are two different things. You DO have options. (As you can see, it was an ‘Aha’ moment when I realised they are actually two different things.)


  • Make sure your username is not the default ‘admin’. If it is, change it for security reasons. It reduces the chances of your site being hacked. Better to get it done now than later, you don’t need to worry about back-ups/ losing content.


  • It is worth taking a moment to read up and learn about plug- ins. It took me a while to get used to the terminology and though I still don’t fully understand how to use them all, I did get the essentials installed. WordFence (security), Anti-Spam, WP Super Cache (speeds up your site), Updraft Plus backup,  Yoast SEO, SumoMe. (More on essential plug-ins here)


  • Install Yoast SEO plugins to help you polish your draft in WordPress before you publish your content. This will greatly save you time and having to go back later, once you realize that you do need this remarkable tool! It’s a great guide to getting your content good readability and good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


  • Insert an interest form with your posts to make it easy for visitors to sign-up  whilst you sort out the email marketing platform and pick the one that suits you best so you don’t lose the readers who are interested in what you have to say and offer.


For a complete guide to starting a blog,  it would be well worth your time reading Grayson Bell’s article on How to Start a Blog Guide, and reach out to him if you have any questions.

For urgent assistance, take a look at the services offered here. If you have had your website up for a while and need a few bits and bobs straightened out promptly,  you would want to glance through this list.

If you have not yet sorted out hosting and installation, this article ,“Website Creation and WordPress Tips” might help take a load off your shoulders. Do also give yourself some time to read “How to Start a Blog Guide” for a detailed, step-by-step guide and don’t hesitate to reach out to Grayson on his contact page if you have any problems.

Here’s to you moving forward!

“When your mind is renewed, the impossible looks logical” Bill Johnson


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In the meantime, see why we can have complete rest for our conscience and actually start thinking differently about this. I look forward to hearing from you soon.








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