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Freelance Proofreading

Are you looking for work-at-home inspiration?  Have you wondered if proofreading and editing is for you? If so, I highly recommend ProofreadAnywhere (PA), helmed by Caitlin Pyle. This free workshop will take you through the journey to ascertain this and get you going in the right direction.

If you are already a freelance proofreader and want to learn the ropes of the digital marketplace, this is for you too.

Whether you are a seasoned proofreader, the sole breadwinner, a single parent, a stay-at-home mum, stay-at-home dad, a recent graduate, physically challenged in terms of mobility, retired, or just looking for something different- there is always something for you, with the various success stories that Proofread Anywhere will send your way.

You will receive great resources and links to a host of other work-at-home opportunities and great minds out there.

The best part  about this is that Caitlin takes a genuine interest in those who reach out to her, and she is always at hand to answer their enquiries or concerns unlike some course providers, you do not actually get to interact directly with the course creator/ author.

Caitlin has put together a free online workshop that answers all of the most common questions about becoming a self-employed proofreader. Click here to get started today.

Caitlin also hosts webinars from time to time with other influencers and entrepreneurs whom you do not want to miss. Thus, being a part of Caitlin’s network, you will benefit from lots of interviews and success stories of other freelance proofreaders and remain inspired.  Click on the image below to embark your proofreading journey! Join this free online workshop to help you clarify your goals and direction.


How do I Start a Website? Where do I Begin? Where can I get Help?

It’s not totally rocket science! For A-Z on website installation, recommendations and pitfalls to avoid, have a look at this article here, “Your One-Stop, A-Z on Website Hosting and WordPress – iMark Interactive”.

Web Hosting

-Coming Soon- Watch this Space!


-Coming Soon- Watch this Space!

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