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This post may contain some affiliate links at no extra cost to you.  I wholeheartedly recommend products and services that I have personally used and proven highly effective.

Are you looking to start a new website but not quite sure how to go about the technical aspects of it?


Perhaps you have embarked on building a website but facing difficulties and feeling all thumbs with it? Or maybe learning up on website hosting and WordPress and looking for step-by-step guidance?

I highly recommend Grayson Bell with no hesitation whatsoever. Grayson Bell is CEO and founder of iMark Interactive.

Grayson patiently assisted me with my website and with hosting issues I faced.  He is at hand to promptly support any difficulties or challenges.  We are bound to face these as we navigate the building and maintenance of websites and blogs. There are a host of top tips brimming from his blog articles.  Grayson also supports those interested to learn how to do it themselves.

There is also great advice and a range of services on this page to suit different needs. A free WordPress course is also available, which I have personally gone through and learned a lot from. Signing up is straightforward and you’re good to go. It has a great user interface, and you have a comment section in each lesson, where you can reach out for help or questions. As a course participant, receive 10% discount off the services offered, should you find one that is suitable.

He also has other great discounts and recommendations on products through his blogs here.

If you are facing web host issues or need to find out more about web-hosting, I recommend reading this article titled “The Hosting Companies We Work With And Recommend” by Grayson Bell.  Since iMark Interactive monitors various sites regularly and get to observe the pros and cons firsthand as opposed to individuals just recommending them, you would definitely get great advice!

I hope you have an easier time setting up your website than I did!

Stuck or overwhelmed?

If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed with it all, take a deep breath: you are not alone. Let’s do a stocktake of the thoughts that run through your mind. Look out for my blog post that will attempt to address this.

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